Remy Hair
Remy Hair are long, thick and strong enough that lays a way for people to experiment new things and look with their hair. These are cost effective and easy to clip too.
Double Drawn Hair (Unprocessed)
Double Drawn Hair (Unprocessed) are very easy to maintain and can be easily attached or removed. The hair acquires a captivating look and are tangle free. The strength of each hair strand also shares the credit of popularity.
Double Drawn Hair
Double Drawn Hair are well processed and are offered with different length. These are smooth, silky and gives you a new look. The volume these acquires is highly appreciable along with its cost efficiency.
Human Hair
Human hair owns impressive feature like pre-teasing at the roots that gives large volume to the wigs. These are very soft, smooth along with being processed to three different categories Remy Straight, Remy Curly and Remy Wavy hair.
Guti Hair
Guti Hair are popular for being light in weight and the curls that is the attraction of the product adds to the demand. These are easy to clean and wash and also to clip on.

Our main export markets include China and Myanmar.